Church At The Flea Market
Then the master 
told the 
servant, ‘Go out into the highways 
and along the hedges, and compel them to come in, so that my house may be filled [with guests].
Dear Christian,

We have an outreach ministry at the local flea market in New Milford,Ct. It is called The Elephants Trunk. We are there on the first Sunday every month. It is made up of people from churches who just want to tell people about Jesus. We hand out cards that function as a Free Ticket to heaven and if you have brochures on your church, we would be glad to offer them at our table also.

In short we are looking for a few, not many people, who truly have evangelistic hearts, you know they want to tell every body about Jesus. We are also looking for people who can sing and play Christian music to attract people. These are all volunteers as we seek donations from others to keep us paying the monthly rent.

If you know of such a person or people, it would be great if they would give me a call:

203 778-2672
Min. Robert Cutting Ministries Inc.
50 Oak Ridge Rd.
Bethel, Ct. 06801-1151
We started the year at the Flea Market after several delays. Below Minister Cutting sings Gospel music with Val Burke who has helped us from the beginning and each week. He has been a Flea Market vendor for over 20 years and is a Minister at Trinity Christian Tabernacle Church.
The highlight of our contacts was when Nancy, a fellow vendor rushed over to us to pray for her 1 month old twin grand daughter.  Hayden had a stroke and grandma was just informed that Hayden had been taken off of life support. It is an honor to be recognized by people as a prayer center and to pray for such needs.
We also prayed for Frank, a Christian from New Jersey that had great testimonies for the Lord. However he felt a gambling problem in one area of his life.