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Michael is the sponsor of Men's Ministries to
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two annual retreats. He also produces this weekly
Spiritual encouragement sent out every Monday.
 September 16, 2019
I hope and pray all is well with you today.
 “But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written, Be holy, because I am holy.” - 1 Peter 1:15-16
When we become Christians, God places the Holy Spirit in us. In doing so, He equips us to be holy. There is a vast difference between being holy and trying to appear holy. Trying to appear holy without submitting to the Holy Spirit is truly a form of falseness. The Holy Bible teaches us that God reserved some of his strongest condemnation for those who paraded their pretense of holiness whenever they had an audience. Holiness can only happen when we die to self and let God live through us.
Our role sounds simple: get out of the Holy Spirit’s way. We know that is a tough one. How do we do it?  We need and should spend time with God, absorb His instruction, and then exercise discipline and training by practicing what we learn. It’s all about decision-making and developing the Mind of Christ so we can be in sync with the Holy Spirit, instead of at odds with His leading and guidance. Like becoming a trained and expert physician, it doesn’t happen randomly. We are called to renew our minds daily. Renewing the mind is developing God’s perspective of life. What strategies will we use to renew our mind, or are we just randomly winging it to try to develop the mind of Christ? Peace will be quite elusive if our strategy is random.  We all need to do this on a consistent basis.  Each and every day is a good practice to get into.
Do we all have a desire for peace? If so, we have to work on our minds. Be disciplined, yes disciplined. (I love that word—training to ensure proper behavior and to build character; to make us do something regularly). That is how we become a disciple of Christ. One way to exercise this discipline is to STOP and think before acting in all situations. Give the Holy Spirit time and space to teach and act in us and through us. Developing discipline is a series of decisions, so the ball is in our court. Whether we just act the part or we are actually being the part? — it’s our decision.  I hope and pray we all choose wisely. That is what a good and faithful servant does.  Don’t forget we are all in this together and if we need to reach out to another Brother, please call, email or text them.  I am sure they will be more than willing to help.     
Please join me in prayer, Dear Father, we want to be holy. But it’s a goal that seems so elusive because we are in constant danger of falling prey to serious sin, especially pride and falseness. We desire holiness in all our conduct because Your word clearly instructs us to be holy. Help us understand that holiness is letting You live through us. We pray, Father, for the patience to pause before we respond so that Your Holy Spirit may take charge and give us the response that lets other see that You live through us, each and every day. We pray all of this in Your Holy and Precious Name – AMEN. 
Have a great and BLESSED day/week.
Please remember I am there for you in thought, prayer and action – 24x7.
Love-Your Brother and Friend in Christ,