Minister Bob Cutting
 I was ordained by God, I did not go to a cemetery errrrr seminary, and am not a part of an abomination errrrr denomination. 
I am just a Christian Minister called and chosen by God.
Here I am preaching at the Garden of Gethsemene.

I was brought up to respect God by my parents William D. and Freda R. Cutting. My father was a very honest man and his family had a deep respect for God. Unfortunately, the Congregational Church left him as it came down from it's original Puritan beliefs. My father was the oldest of two brothers from Phippsburg Maine and was named for our relationship to Sir William Wallace through his mother. My father the oldest brother, felt responsible to pay off his mothers nursing home debt and therefore worked several jobs, the main one being a federal prison guard for 34 yrs. He also continually volunteered his time at various charitable organizations. A big part of his Christian walk.

I was asked to begin confirmation classes as I entered my early teens. During the time of considering such a step, my father, a normally calm man, came home very upset. At the coffee hour after Church, he walked in on our neighbor talking bad about him and inferring, that he was having affairs with some of the charity people that he helped. I decided to search for the real God as any Church goers who could not even leave the building before gossiping about someone else were not my kind of Godly people. 

  So my search began, through Jehovah's Witnesses, Morman's, various brands of Baptist etc. I ended up rooted for about sixteen years at a Church of Christ. I went forward and had been baptized by the Baptists, and rebaptized by the Church of Christ 'just in case' as I put it. I was 'good to go' as my Marine, Son in Law would put it, until divorce happened. The Church turned their backs on me in my hour of greatest need. But the Northville Baptist Church and Dr. George Britt opened their arms to me and helped in my healing and recovery. 
It was there I met my new wife and 'instant family'. 

When the divorce started in my ex-wife's spirit, four other things had also gone wrong in my life. This was what God needed to push me to full conversion. I thought I was converted by the Baptist's and the Church of Christ, however my surrender to Christ was not complete. Imagine interviewing these 'big hitters' as I would call them, for TV and wondering why I had not had a flash-bang type conversion. With the pile of things going wrong, I can remember sitting in my office thinking I could walk up the roof of our two story house, tie a rope around the chimney and my neck and jump off. Instantly, on thinking that, I heard a distinct and thundering voice inside of me saying "Thou Shalt Not Kill". I am sure God provided it to get my attention. And it did. I instantly told God that I would surrender ALL my life to Him and I am trying the best I can to do that every day. 


MY BIRTH: God performed the first miracle in my life when I was born. You see I was three pounds and three months premature in a time when the odds would have been against my survival. 
MY EARLY TEENS:  Let me first say, my father brought me up right so as to know the difference between right and wrong. As an early teen, a house up the street from us blew up and was all over the road when I came home from school. My friend who lived two doors down from the house invited me to go up and explore. He began to pilfer the poor man's garage which was left standing. To be a part of the crowd, I took one of those rolls of gutter wire, you know to keep the leaves out. I knew it was wrong. So, out of the site of the other kids, I threw it under the bush at my friends house. I left my friends and rode down the hill home on my bicycle as I had done hundreds of times in the past. There was a 'Thank You Mam" bump going into our driveway. I hit it, and my bicycle became airborne, flipping me over in mid air on our neighbors grass. It had not had trouble ever entering our driveway before or since. At that time as I brushed myself off in the grass, I heard this voice saying "I'm saving you for something". I thought it was just me talking and maybe I was a little nuts. I put it off to my imagination or nothing at all.

MY LATE TEENS: The first girl who taught me about french kissing, made me sick, literally. I got "Infectious Mononeucleousis Ensephalitis"  from her. For those not in the medical profession, that is a virus that goes to the brain. 90% of people die from it. 70% of those left, have brain damage. (Some wonder here). I again heard that voice and ignored it. 

MY EARLY ADULTHOOD: At the age of 21. I had a girl friend who was a little bit pushy. I made the wrong purchase decision. I bought her an engagement ring instead of buying front tires for my car. I hit a tree on the way to work, skidding on water that had ice under it. 
I broke my back. I had an operation and except for a 'Charley Horse' for the first year and a half when I laid in bed, have had no problems since. I heard and ignored the voice again. The odds of the operations success? 50/50!

MY ORDINATION: God used a church that I was going to for increasing the ministries that I was already doing, which were numerous at the time. The story of my conversion is elsewhere. I did so many things that they ordained me as "Minister of The Gospel" on April 6th, 2005. Funny, that is, I believe the exact date of the auto accident in which my back was broken, years earlier. The Bishop would point out that I "did not ask for ordination, nor did he campaign for it".
Anyhow, about 2 weeks after my ordination, I heard this voice in my heart, with which I was now familiar say "It is Finished". I responded, " I know God, you said that on the cross".  Then I heard "No", It is Finished!" then I saw each of the incidents (except my birth) flash by me and what the voice said each time back then "I am saving you for something". I then knew what God meant. He had spared me so many times, so that I could serve Him in Ministry. I know not many Ministers can say this, but I am happy with how He spared and chose me. I may not have all the education of my counterparts, but the Holy Spirit has and is teaching me much.

WHERE I AM TODAY: Immediately upon my unjust firing my wife and I knew the only Church to go to was one instrumented by my born again friend, Dr. George Crocker and lead by a friendship I made on my trip to Israel, with Rector Joseph Shepley. St. Paul's in Brookfield Ct. has been instrumental in my healing and new inspiration. I now sing in the choir, and have been given an EVANGELICAL VISION from God.

I AM AVAILABLE: to any Christ centered organization that can use me. 

I BELIEVE: • Christ only died for me, no denomination, no leader great or small did. (John 3:16, Rev. 22:13)
• The Bible is the whole Word of God. No additions, or deletions are necessary. (II Tim. 3:16, Rev. 22:18-21)
• There is freedom for everyone in the Spirit of God. (Gal.5:1)
• Christian's must act in unity with each other. (John 17)
• A Minister's job is for the Word and Prayer ONLY. (Acts 6:4, I Tim. 5:17, James 5:14)
• Minister's should not get involved in the money, finances, or building programs, except as a Spiritual Advisor. 
Deacons who should be handling such work. (Acts 6, 21:8, Phillipians 1:1)
• I am an EVANGELIST (Acts 21:8, Eph. 4:11, 2 Tim. 4:5, Rev. 22:10)


Minister Bob Cuttiing.