Spring Clean Ups

We have a time and money saving system to clear your lawn. 
In the picture at right our machine has raked, vacuumed mowed and cleared the right side of the picture. See below for details of what our unique Spring Cleaning offers.
Core Aeration and Overseeding Option
Some people wonder what core aeration and over seeding is all about. This photo is the best explanation that I can give you. Here bare spots on the lawn are being filled in as the grass grows up from those core holes. While many things can lead to bare spots, often getting seed well planted below the surface problems provides a world of difference. Whatever causes the bare spots must be treated until overcome, however. In this case there was acidic soil on the upper surface, probably caused by tree sap in the area. This type of problem is common to our area and needs to be constantly treated with lime to neutralize the acidic soil on the surface. In our fertilizing, we have many levels of treatment for various problems. This is again, several of the things that are offered with Spring Clean Ups.
Dethatching is Part of Our Spring Clean Up
Dethatching  can be very dusty work, depending on the Spring weather.  Thatch is the dead grass and dead grass clippings left behind from winter. During the warm weather it is healthy for a lawn to have about a 1/2" layer of grass clippings or thatch beneath the surface for natural fertilization and a good place for worms etc. beneficial to your lawn. Grass Plants have a life span of 3 - 4 yrs. before dying off. Most die during the harsh winter. 
Our dethatching process also includes mowing and bagging the thatch. Would you believe some of our competitors dethatch and DO NOT BAG? What sense does that make? We add it for FREE to our Spring Clean Ups. Once again weed seeds are sucked up and deposited in the bags along with your dead grass bits. This gives your lawn that needed boost to grow fast in the critical days of Spring.  Why is it so important? Because lawn diseases and insects can hide in the thatch, waiting for that chance to ruin your lawn.