Good day, I am a 'Minister by Miracle' ordained by the Mountain Church of God in Brookfield Ct. God has given me a depth of sight into Scripture and into people and thus the name "Insight Ministries". I am an evangelist and revivalist by nature. I am without denomination, holding to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I believe strongly in Jesus' prayer at John 17 and look for the unity of all Christians.

Minister Bob Cutting
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A Brief History
I was ordained a "Minister of the Gospel" by surprise at the Mountain Church of God in Brookfield Ct. I believe it was from God due to a vision I had about 2 weeks after the ceremony. They said it was because of all the Ministry work that I was already doing. Either way the Church agreed that " I did not campaign for it". 

God has gifted me with the ability to preach "On the drop of a dime" and to see deeper into His Word, more than most. I call this "Insight". I believe a pastors job is to be a servant and good shepherd to his congregation. I am told that I have the heart of a pastor and evangelist. I can say that I feel for hurting people.

I served as 'the second in charge' under Bishop Henry Whitmire. I specialized in growth. Church growth through evangelism and through revival.  

It is my understanding that not all pastors are called into the service of God upon a Scripture. However, I was. It is Ephesians 6:12 which explains that our battle is not with flesh and blood but with the spiritual forces of evil in this world. 

Doctrinally, I believe God stated it when He said 'We are to love God first, and our neighbor as ourselves.'

Member (Ex-Officio) of St. Paul's Church in Brookfield, Ct.
I am active in the choir, a Eucharistic Minister, and lay speaker. God guided, actually set us up, for my leaving the Mountain Church of God and replacing it with my membership here. It is a very loving Church so much so that it is Born Again, Anglican and Episcopal at the same time. My good friend George Crocker, (semi-retired Rector), brought the born again experience here and it has never left. From the very first experience (In Israel) my relationship with the current Rector, Joe Shepley, was a Holy Spirit guided one. From the get go, my wife Elsa grew with our new church experience.
Insight Ministries Inc. 
As previously stated, Insight Ministries Inc. is usually the non-profit umbrella from which I operate. It is a 501-3c corporation in the State of Connecticut. I formed it as this is a para church ministry and despite some people's claims, the government here really leaves us alone. 

Your Piece of God for Today.
Is an email ministry that I provide for free to those interested. It is sent out daily or on weekends and special days (your choice) to those interested. 
My Scripture for the day reviews usually go deeper than most and help deepen and encourage people's walk with Christ. 

Some insight into what I do and believe
• I believe the Bible speaks for itself and needs no additions or subtractions by man, in fact curses are added if we do.
• The Bible, not me or any man, is for correcting others.
• Generally speaking, I believe, any reliable version of the Bible is good for learning for those who genuinely have the Holy Spirit of Truth.
(This leaves out specific versions that disagree with most, like the New American version of the Jehovah's Witnesses.)  
• Generally I use the Amplified Version of the Bible for teaching. I do this because:
  * I am not a Greek scholar.
* No language translates word for word.
* It takes the original Greek and adds words for the full meaning intended for the Greek into American English.
• I could have called myself "Pastor" but choose "Minister" as a Minister, ministers to others in my mind. Some Pastors have lost the servant attitude that Christ desires.
• Since I was ordained, I have felt like an End Times minister. Trusting God to lead my paths. i cannot explain this. The Ending Times started with the cross and have gone forward to today. However the signs of the ending of the end times, God promises his people to show. I agree with most preachers that say that is today, that is, the ramping up of the signs.