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June 5, 2023


I hope and pray all is well with you and your family today.

“I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Chris Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them rubbish that I may gain Christ… And I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection…” – Philippians 3:7-1.

In God’s word the Bible God promises us that if we seek God with all our heart, the we will find Him.  If we seek to know God in real and personal way with all of our heart, then we will get to know God by HIM revealing Himself to us.

When we commit to seek God’s will (ahead of our own will) and seek God with all our heart, then God will reveal His perfect will and purpose and calling to us. If we seek God’s guidance and wisdom and seek God with all our heart, then God will personally guide us and give us His far superior wisdom for any decision, need, or situation.

God promises the if we seek Him with all our heart then we will find Him.  Any promise that God makes in His word we can take to the bank.  God will always fulfill His promises because of His perfect character and His perfect faithfulness.  God is perfectly faithful to His promises are guarantees.  So if we are seeking God with all our hearts, they we will surely find Him.

Seeking the LORD does not mean going to church or merely believing in God. One can attend church services every Sunday and have an intellectual belief in God, yet not truly seek the LORD. Seeking Him originates in the heart, not the mind or the hands. The heart is the dwelling place of our emotions, hopes, and our very identity. It is also the hiding place of insecurities, fears, and idols. Surrendering the heart, in all its brokenness, is the basis of seeking God. Once He has our heart, He can begin to truly change us, from the inside out.

We need and should do this all the time.  I strongly encourage all of us to see Him each and every day.  It is always a good thing to do in a group of other Brothers.  That is why I believe our retreats are always a good so we can come together and seek Him together and get closer to Him and to each other become that BETTER man of God.

Please join me in pray, Father, we pray for each and every person that is seeking you. We do not know their circumstances nor reasonings. But we pray that they all give their whole hearts to you as they are seeking you. We pray that they, as well as, us see your glorious face and that our love will overwhelm all of us with peace. We ask all of this in Your Holy and Precious Name – AMEN.

Have a blessed and safe day and week.


Brother please remember I am there for in thought, prayer and action - 24x7.

Love Your Brother and Friend in Christ,


PS   I would like to encourage you to join our Zoom meetings.  The next one will be this Thursday (6/8) evening starting at 7:00 pm.

These Zoom meetings are open to Everyone.  It's been an awesome blessing to talk, share, now see and pray with other Brothers around the country.

Below are the details. Join your Brothers from all over the world  as we all strive to get closer to HIM and to each other and become BETTER men of God today, tomorrow and always.

Join Zoom Meeting - Just click the link below


Also, I wanted to share with you an opportunity to become a BETTER man of God.  Once again we will be having our Annual Brothers in Christ Retreat (9/22–9/24).

Please see the attached Retreat Flyer for more details. <September Retreat 2023 Retreat.pdf>