My purpose here is to bring Christian Men's Groups
together that embrace the mature outlook as expressed by Jesus at John 17:21
"That they may be one, Father, 
as you and I are one."

Minister Bob Cutting
So, how does it work? 

In our area and around the country, inter-church Men's groups have formed. This, I believe is God's answer to where churches have failed to unite us. In Connecticut and this side of New York I have visited many of them. I ask the leaders and the men at each group to sign a statement of belief similar to the above. These groups will then be recognized as cooperating networks of Christian men with the same belief as stated. We will promote events of these men via various means including this website. Stay tuned for more information as this develops. 
The name "Christ net net"

In business and elsewhere "net, net" is the total or final cost after all else is added or deducted. In Christ, I believe one of the proofs of Christian maturity is the ability to join together in love as a brother and sisterhood. However, God has made my first thrust with the men.