Good day! I started a Facebook presence to promote God among Christians so they could share encouragement and ideas as my friends. As I entered 2023 God told me to get more involved in Ministry. I went back to doing interviews with Christians on God Tube etc. BUT all of a sudden, God had friend requests go through the roof. Likewise, some FB people also asked for my daily (or weekly) emails. Today we go around the world!

Minister Bob Cutting
Insight Ministries Inc. 
As previously stated, Insight Ministries Inc. is usually the non-profit umbrella from which I operate. It is a 501-3c corporation in the State of Connecticut. I formed it as this is a para church ministry and despite some people's claims, the government here really leaves us alone. 

Email Ministry
Is an email ministry that I provide for free to those interested. It is sent out daily or on weekends and special days (your choice) to those interested. 
My Scripture for the day reviews usually go deeper than most and help deepen and encourage people's walk with Christ. Today it is a teaching tool to many in countries where such training may not always be possible. 

Facebook Ministry 
Started as my facebook friends for Christians who wanted to encourage each other with posts, Scriptures etc. Today 2/19/23 it has evolved into a ministry among those in ministry. 

As of March 2nd,2023:
Countries that Our Facebook Ministry are in
Australia, Bangladesh, Benin, Brazil, Canada, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, France, Germany, Ghana, Haiti, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Netherlands, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Phillipines , Sirerra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, UK, USA, Zambia.

As of March 2nd, 2023  we have over 4,700 friends on Facebook around the world under my name: Bob Cutting. Likewise almost 370 of them opted for our daily or weekly emails. Most of the people who are friends are first of all Christians, secondly in Ministry. Many younger pastors are using my emails as a training tool for them to become better pastors, evangelists etc. .