Trip to Africa
Several years ago, God put it on my heart to use Facebook as a Ministry. Today, there are people from all over the world as friends on Facebook. This year, God put it on my heart to get more involved in Ministry. To my surprise, just a few days into 2023, I am being overflowed with pastors from Africa as friends on Facebook. So a trip to Africa is being planned. All will be in God's timing, not mine. Our "team" will be ALL local people. Progress will be announced on this page.

FIRST, I would like to explain that we have organized differently than most Christian organizations. The structure is based on national coordinators in each country. THIS is explained below:

Minister Robert D. Cutting                                                                                                                                                 March 9th, 2023

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1. As I believe God has directed me, I have appointed National Leaders in each country. They serve as THE local contact and ONLY phone contact for the Missionary outreach of this ministry. Because of this my time is freed up. Plus the National Coordinators can coordinate other in country events to bring Christians together over and above our events.

A. In Africa, God and I have appointed a leader to overlook the African Continent and coordination of countries for my visits. National leaders are to seek advice and communication from him to keep our missions in each country. 

B. All coordinators shall provide their full contact information and a photo (I can pull it from facebook) for people who want to contact them,

C. I will keep and make a list of Facebook friends. As each friend reveals to me his or her country, I will urge them to contact their national leaders. I will also at some point urge them to sign up for my daily emails. The reason for this is quite simple, it is like Gideon selecting his soldiers. The ones who will respond to investing their seed faith of calling or contacting you, are exactly the type that we want to be a part of a Revival. The same goes for those who want to be on my email list wanting to learn more about God.

D. I urge all coordinators to establish a Facebook presence with all Christians from their country who have participated. They can pass on good posts from time to time from my Facebook presence. My Facebook presence will be geared to those in ministry as opposed to individuals. 

2. The first job of a coordinator is to create and maintain a list of Pastors, Ministers, Apostles and other Christian leaders in their country who are willing to work together. It is suggested that they do this by keeping a WhatsApp group. They should constantly keep in touch with their group, a minimum of once a month. This goes for the African leader also. 

3. When God makes this list so apparent to them that a visit could be easy to make, schedule etc. as far as housing, food, transportation and stops of myself, they are to contact me via FB Messenger or email to arrange a date for my visit. Because of my business, my times will be in the Spring or Fall just short of the African Rainy Season.

4. I will post their contact information online at / Insight Ministries.

5. My visits will be based on the seed faith of pastors and Christians around your nation. Like Jesus I do not need anything special. I will eat at Christians homes, sleep on their floors, if necessary, and be transported place to place by various Christians, This will keep expenses low. Any funds collected are NOT to go to me, but returned to the pastors etc. participating. 


Minister Robert D. Cutting


How this happened: 
As we got to the New Year, I yearned for better communication with God. He said to me, "Do your interview ministry". So I did. What happened was, my Facebook ministry blew up. There were days that I did nothing but add new friends. This led to planning a trip to Africa and laying out the organization for it, was ALL GOD. 
My story:
After being laid off from being a Pastor, I felt God would tell me when it was my time. He has in this action. I have always been a Revivalist and an Evangelist at heart. I go by the Bible only. I use the Amplified Version as it is the best interpretation for study, not reading, from the original Greek and Hebrew of which I am not a scholar. I believe in THE BIBLE, NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS, COVER TO COVER. 
So, what is the organization ? 
The organization is as much like Jesus as possible. There is no big "team".  I am trying to be sent out 2 x2 as possible. I will be sent out to serve by local pastors, for local pastors. 

1. Local pastors have been assigned as coordinators. They will contact local pastors (provided mostly by my Facebook leads), and plan the events, routes taken, stopping, feeding, sleeping points for me. With me will be the national leader and/or the African leader. They will guide security, do interpretations and plan all phases of the trip and the pass on to the next country or air port. 

2. Based on seed faith. My seed of faith is that I will provide my airfare, visa expenses etc. to get to Africa. My desire is to eat with the people, sleep on their floors, and be transported by them. Their seed faith is to provide that, through individual people. If we both do this right, God has no choice but to bless us and multiply it back.

3. I will preach, teach,  and present Jesus as I am scheduled to do by the local pastors.  
Coordinator for Africa: IBRAHIM KITHAMULIKO
watsap number: +256752237185 
He is a pastor in Uganda and opened up to me about needing “A Spiritual Father”. He even volunteered to reach all of Africa with my messages. He knows many pastors on that continent. So he is a Special Advisor, for Encouragement and Envoy to Africa for us. HE IS TO BE CONTACTED BY THE NATIONAL LEADERS ONLY AND MYSELF.

 Coordinator for Kenya: Aggrey Makokha 


What's app:  +254722739726

is our lead contact to Kenya. Aggrey has been working with me for years and in my place took in Pastor Jim Pitts, my special friend, for almost a month to evangelize his area. Aggrey has also been on Michal Grimm’s Northeast Men’s groups Thursday Zoom Meetings at 7 pm.(EST USA) This, even though the time was 3 am in Kenya! HE IS TO BE CONTACTED BY THOSE IN KENYA ONLY WHO WANT TO PARTICIPATE.

Coordinator for Uganda: SSENYONGA EMMANUEL 
Is our representative to Uganda.  He has been solidly with us since friending me months ago. HE IS TO BE CONTACTED ONLY BY THOSE IN UGANDA WHO WANT TO PARTICIPATE

Coordinator for Tanzania: ELLEN ERNEST


My email address is elenernest710@gmail

my number to start tanzania code number 

+255 759 46 24 92

is our representative to Tanzania.  

Since she learned of my visit to Tanzania several years ago she has been praying for and urging me for a revisit. She is a business woman and very capable of organizing. 

Special Pastoral Co-ordinator: (Working with Ellen)
PAKISTAN - Bishop Iqbal Masih
my Whatsapp number +923061264462
cdcf @live. com

Coordinator for Ghana: Paul Mensah



This is my Phone number 0541760909

Paul has constantly reported his true efforts to bring people to Christ, constantly since friending us on Facebook several months ago. He even goes out of country for those reasons. He has already volunteered at helping in Africa. It was his idea to post the leaders photos.

Coordinator for Malawi: Jonathan Hamuza 
Humbly Jonathan accepted this position. 

Coordinator for Zambia: Ernst Kalimukwa


(my WhatsApp number +260973084127) is our lead contact to Zambia

Kalimukawa has been intensely interested in our ministry from the start and is the only response from Zambia at this point. HE IS TO BE CONTACTED ONLY BY THOSE WHO WISH TO PARTICIPATE IN ZAMBIA. 
NIGERIA - Pastor Alexander Olusegun Akin-Thomas
The King Highway Ministries International My WhatsApp no: +234 803 4418 769 My email address:

Liberia - Pastor Emmanuel Myers
WhatsApp is +231886745033

 - Pastor Simbi Bilemnga
+243 85 037 55 77