Good day, I am a 'Minister by Miracle' ordained by the Mountain Church of God in Brookfield Ct. God has given me a depth of sight into Scripture and into people and thus the name "Insight Ministries". I am an evangelist and revivalist by nature. I am without denomination, holding to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I believe strongly in Jesus' prayer at John 17 and look for the unity of all Christians.

Minister Bob Cutting


1. All Scripture is based on love. The mask is primarily for not spreading the virus, in case you have it, (you may never know it), to your fellow human beings. It is spread by the droplets of moisture primarily coming out of your mouth. You wear it for your neighbor whom you are supposed to unselfishly love. Rm. 13:8-14, Luke 10:27, Mt. 22:36-40, Mark 12:31-33. HOWEVER, if you have been obedient, a new study says the COVID-19 is 65% less in people that have worn masks. So if you did it in blind faith, Jesus has rewarded you. While the virus itself is small enough to slip through masks, it needs a carrier such as the moisture in our lungs, mouth etc.

2. The Word of God IS Jesus. If you will not obey the Word, you are hurting Jesus. John1:1, Mt. 10:35-39 

3. If someone is injured by your words, if it brings death or destruction, you will be held accountable on the day of judgement. Mt. 12:36. Further if it leads to death, you will have blood guilt. Ge.42:22, Ez. 9:9, Ez. 22:4, Mt. 23:35, I Pet. 2:13, I Pet. 2:17, I Pet. 3:17.

4. The medical profession by and large agree on the dangers of not wearing a mask, statistics have proven it. Experienced Christian doctors even endorse it. People against wearing masks have been informed by people on the internet for which they do not know their qualifications, their faith etc. Only what they tell them. God tells us to “establish the facts by the witness of two or three’ and to respect the authority of those in charge because He has allowed them to be there. Further God says “obedience is better than sacrifice”. Not only that but God tells us to “respect all people”. I Pet. 2:17, Rom. 13:1-14, Dt. 19:15, Mt. 18:16, 2 Cor. 13:1, I Tim. 5:19, Heb. 10:28., I Sam. 15:22

5. IF you are not bringing life and life in abundance, you are honoring the devil (or thief) Jn.10:10. You are risking for them, death and sickness, just because you said so. However, if you encourage them to have life and life eternal, they are risking a little discomfort. And by the way, people, doctors, medical professionals etc. have worn masks for at least a century or more.

6. Our faith in God must be that of a servant and childlike. We serve those who are our neighbors and we obey in a childlike, not rebellious way. Those who are rebellious may have the spirit of Jezebel which causes division among God’s people. When we cause division we are purposely working against Jesus’ last prayer. Mt. 10:35-39, John 17:12-29. Lk. 18:17. We must trust God and His instructions like sheep, not goats and not with reprobate hearts. Rm. 1:28.

7. If you were not meant to wear a mask for some devious reason, God assures us to wait, to be patient (as in the first property of love) and assures us that what is hidden is meant to be exposed in time. Mk. 4:22.

NOW WHY DID I WRITE THIS? Many people think that because they claim it, it is true, not to wear a mask. It is a government conspiracy. If it is, how unwise of them to expose themselves at this time, at this small an issue. There is much more to come in these ending times. Facebook and even the government may be marking them, for all we know. If however it is because of their ego. They should remember the role of teachers and the greater judgement upon them. Ja. 3:1. It would also be wise to stem the rise in narcissistic behavior in the ending times. 2 Tim. 3:2 Love is not self centered. My prayer is like Jesus to have everyone be saved, however if you are deluded away from God and His Word in these ending times, what hope is there for you?


Last night, God woke me and told me to respond. This is the first time that He has used me as a prophet in this way. THE I AM SAID

“ 1. Tell the man, He does not know my ways. I have written “Gods ways are not man’s ways”, “God does not look at the outside like man does, but looks inside at the heart.”

2. I instructed the lepers to wear masks. You are my lepers. Every time you see a mask it is to remind you to “humble yourselves and repent and I will heal your land”. I allowed this virus to spread to the world from the bellies of the antichrists for this reason.

3. I instructed my people to “put on the full armor of God”. To interpret my Word as you have shows that you have not done that.

Let them know that the I Am said this and not you. There will be more prophets that WILL confirm these words of mine. You just do your part.”